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For your reference, this page includes all documents for the 2017 ESS Meeting in Philadelphia, PA.

Click on a document's title to view it in your browser, or right click > Save As... to download it to your hard drive.

2017 ESS/SAES/ARD Meeting

NERA Business Meeting Docs (Sep 2017)

Presentations from the meeting

2017 ESS Penn State Welcome (Gary Thompson)

Tour of Civil Rights Reviews and Discovery of State Best Practices (Latoya Hicks)

Fusing Social Media and Remote Sensing (Guido Cervone)

Big Data in Food and Agricultural Systems (Parag Chitnis)

Metadata Solutions for Sharing Restricted Data (Jane Greenberg)

Moving from Diversity to Inclusion:  A Developmental Process (Pamala Morris and Patreese Ingram)

ESS Business Session Docs

2017 ESS Business Session Agenda and Briefs

NIFA Update and Budget Process (Jeanette Thurston)

2016-17 ESS Budget Update (Bret Hess)

2017-18 ESS Budget Presentation (Gary Thompson)

NRSP Review Committee Report (Clarence Watson)

2017-18 ESS CAC Goals and Activities:  One Organization, One Voice (Gary Thompson)

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